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Vitamin K Cream for Spider Veins and Bruises

Vitamin k Cream - does it work? Years ago vitamin k was found to be a very blood clotter. Since this discovery it has been used in nuermous hopstials for a variety of reaasons including bruising that often happens after surgery or major injuries. Approximately 10 years ago vitamin k was made into a much smaller particle. It was then incorprorate into deep penetrating creams. When then k was put into a transdermal base then the vitamin k would also penetrate the skin. This is when it first discovered to use for spider veins. Spider veins are leaking veins which vein walls have become weakened.
This is why vitamin k is fundamental in healing vitamin k cream to get rid of spider viens. Vitamin k is known as a clotter! When it can penetrate the skin and reach the vein the vitamin k will start to scab up the exterior of the vein. This will prevent the leakag of blood and the appearance of the spider vein will lessen with time and eventually when the veins has clotted the appearance of the spider vein will completely gone!

Amazing for bruising and other related problems. Often used after surgery to prevent bruising and vein scarring!