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Emu Oil For Acne Scars - After 22 Years We Haven't Found Anything Better

For years we tried to put together creams and lotions and add different peptides like Matrixyl and some of the other heavily researched peptide blends. However, we can conclusively say that nothing works as good as Purified Emu Oil with Vitamin E.

There is one primary component to the oil working to visibly reduce acne scars, body scarring including c sections, stretch marks and similar. But hands down it is the absolute best thing women can use when they are starting to stretch their skin during pregnancy. Being natural there are no side effects. It is all natural with not one ingredient except a splash of vitamin e. Every woman that we asked for results and had used this during pregnancy said that when they did not use it that it felt like their ski was slightly ripping or tearing. When they applied it regularly there were no issues during the pregnancy and very few reported scarring at all and if they did it was very minor.

Directions For Use:

Simply Apply A Few Drops Daily and Massage It In
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pure emu oil
Emu Oil Premium For Scalp and Skin 2 oz
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We can't keep this specific blend of emu oil in stock. Purified and filtered for optimal results for any skin, hair and scalp problem. Our best selling product from every category. more info
microderm abrasion cream
Microderm Abrasion Cream 2 oz
List Price: $39.95
Our Price: $29.95
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Remove the dead layers of skin to allow newer and healthier skin to grow in its place. The result will be smoother more radiant skin.  Your skin has never felt better. more info

For Scars that Are Raised Or Pitted Here Is The Best 1 - 2 Punch

1) Use The Microderm Cream to Remove The Dead Skin Cells
2) Apply Emu Oil Which Gives The Skin Cell Everything It Needs To Reproduce Healthy Skin at A Very High Rate

There are many different types of scars and not all scar treatments are meant for every type of scar. Please read the different types of treatments and see what works best for pitted acne scars or rasied keloid scars as well as c section or plastic surgery scars.