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Where are your corporate headquarters? Atlanta, Ga

What are your shipping costs? We keep one of the lowest shipping costs in the USA - we offer a flat fee $5.95 ship costs in the USA and also very special rates to our out of coutnry customers

Do you offer expedited shipping? Yes we offer both 3 to 5 day shipping and also overnight for very low rates.

Do You Ship to Australia, UK, Canada or Japan? Yes we ship to all of these and many more for very low ship costs depending on the arrival time that you choose.

What are Your Best Selling Products? It really depends on the time of the year but we can tell you that our scalp and skin related products receive very high acclaim for a number of reasons but the most important being their efficacy (ability to work) on the desired issues and are in a very natural base and not full of tars or other very harsh ingredients.

What are the basis of your products? That is very simple - testing! Every ingredient that we use in our products are for a reason and the ingredients that are deemed to be the most effective for specific problems have extensive med testing being them and that is why they are chosen.

I Understand that you make specialty scalp treatments - what makes yours so good? The very basis of the first skin cream and scalp treatment were aimed at helping with dermtatitis because the owners suffered from this. The products were so effective that they were put into mass production and the rest is history. These products are natural based and amazing and each comes with an unprecedented warranty or guarantee that means it cost you nothing to try them! We believe in these products that much!

Where do you ship from? We have several different shipping locations across the USA including the SOUTH EAST, NORTH EAST and WEST COAST. This keeps our shipping cost down and the ship time very low.

What makes your scalp, skin and hair products different? The reason why our products are so potent is that we make the cream and shampoo bases penetrate deeper than traditional cream bases and this is vital to get past that outter skin barrier. Most cream and their ingredients simply sit on the surface. OURS DO NOT!

Do You ever offer discounts? Yes - we typically offer these to existing customers and can be as rich as buy 1 get 1 free but usually are in the range of 20% off specific products.

What are your best products for seborrheic dermatitis?
Ens Bio Zinc is our best selling kit for seborrheic dermatitis. Remember that to eliminate seborrheic dermatitis symptoms you really need to eliminate the excess scalp oils since this is the main food source for seborrheic dermatitis.

What Are Some Resources for Zinc and Herbs that are used in the products that we sell?
Thyme (thymus vulgaris) is amazing for purifying and cleansing. Thyme for hair and skin is well documented and researched with regards to helping many different scalp issues.

Fenugreek with Regards to Hair shows that fenugreek both taken as s supplement and also as a topical can make a big difference in hair health (9)