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Scalp Kit For Sores and Crust
Scalp Kit For Sores and Crust

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Zincplex Kit For Scalp Problems Such As Sores, Crusty Scalp, Itching, And Other Issues.

These problems arise when the scalp is not the healtiest and this starts at the root. Bacteria amongst other things can build up in and around the hair root. If this goes by without helping to deep cleanse the build up away then serious issues can arise. Handle this with the Hair Products That Are Again Voted #1 For A Healthy Scalp!!!

This is common problem and can hand in hand with sores and scaling or flaking! These crusties can occur anywhere on the head including the crown, hair line, back of the head, neck, above the ears and actually in the ears as well as behind them as well!

Dirty Hair Root Clean Hair Root

For long term relief you have to get to the actual cause of the scalp problems. 99% of the time the sores both open or crusty are caused by excess growth of bacteria or yeast (fungus). For some people it causes tenderness, others dandruff and others severe itching and flaking. The key to create good conditions is the hair follicle so that the symptoms will go away!

Our ingredients are proven to deep cleanse, purify and even eliminate excess bacteria and fungus that can be hidden deep down inside the hair follicles. These products will loosen up and then remove the build up inside the follicle resulting in a clean and purified scalp! IT WORKS!