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ENS BIO (Stretchmarks) 8 oz Concentrate

List Price: $48.00
Our Price: $41.95
You save $6.05!

Product Code: ENS34

The Strongest Stretch Mark Cream on the Market
The ingredients in our stretch mark cream really work to greatly reduce the appearance of streatch marks. Do the research yourself and you will see the proven results of our two main ingredients:  Emu Oil and Matrixyl Peptide.

Emu Oil
Emu oil is an amazing ingredeint for many different skin formulations including skin tears, skin firming, anti wrinkle, super deep moisturizing, psoriasis, eczema and of course just about any top layer skin ailment. This is because it heals the skin like no other product can. It is used in burn clinics around the world for the healing of burns and more importantly to prevent scarring or heal the nasty burn scars. It is loaded with omega 3's. What you might not know about emu oil is that it so closely mimics the skin that the skin allows it and the ingredeints combined with it to penetrate the outter layers or defense layers of the skin. This is vital to healing deep scars or stretch marks.

Matrixyl Peptide
Peptides are protein strands that are deviated for healing and firming of the skin. Matrixyl is the best known and is used in products like Strivectin, Trialsin and hundreds of other brands. We use very large amounts of this potent peptide, and at 1/3 of the cost of other brands.  Our research indicates that we use more Matrixyl than any of the major brands that we mentioned. This coupled with the penetrating power of the emu oil, the healing power of pure aloe, over 5 healing herbs and all in a natural base makes this the hands down best "RESULTS" driven stretch marks cream at the absolute best price.

End skin scars, deep tears or rips no matter if it was caused by pregnancy, weight lifting, weight gain or any other reason. This cream gets results for reducing, getting rid of, or just plain treating any type of stretch mark or scar including raised, indented or depressed scars, purple in color or deep maroon. This cream also has a lightening effect on the scar itself to hide discoloration.
  • Uses Emu Oil To Heal Scars from The Inside Out
  • Uses Emu Oil To Penetrate the Outter Defense Layers of the Skin
  • Uses Emu Oil to get the Peptide Matrixyl Through the Skin
  • Natural Based Concentrate Cream
  • Uses Matrixyl Healing Peptide to Reduce Stretch Marks in Just 1 Week
  • Reduces Size and Color of Mark in a Short Time Period
  • Used to Prevent Stretch Marks as Well
  • Works on Raised, Depressed and Discolored Stretch Marks
  • More Matrixyl than Competitive Products like Strivectin, Trilastin, Stretta, Medrma, Barmon
  • Includes Shea Butter and Aloe Butter for Natural Healing
  • Uses a Pure form of Aloe to Regenerate Healthy More Resilient Skin Cells
  • A Top Seller!!!