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ENS BIO Nail Fungus Cream Concentrate 2 oz
nail fungus cream

List Price: $54.00
Our Price: $44.00
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Product Code: ENS24

Nail Fungus Cream Concentrate (3 in 1 PH'd Properly)
We brought this product on because of the rave reviews.  The ingredients that are used are a combination of the most powerful anti fungals that also go after any secondary bacterial infections. Most cream only ever tackle one. This toenail fungus cream goes after both to kill the supply of the fungus.
Expect clear nails to start showing up in about 3 to 4 weeks. But more importantly watch the yellow, thickened nail that can also have black green under the nail, it will start to clear very shortly. As the nail grows out more and more clear nail will show up.
What Makes This Nail Fungus Cream Different?
It tackles both the fungal and bacterial issues with toenail infections. It uses emu oil to help soak in around and under the nail where fungus hides. It uses 3 powerful anti septic agents that are known to destroy fungus and bacteria. The two often go hand in had yet most creams on the market only treat one. This cream is ph balanced to correct the ph of the toenail to help prevent the growth of more or future fungus. (Most creams do not do this - most creams are ph wrong and have a ph that actually encourage the growth of fungus)
Complete 60 Day Money Back Guarantee