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Eczema Kit (Emu Therapy Lotion 8 oz and Pure Emu Oil 2 oz)
psoriasis dead sea salt

You will not find a better results oriented natural based product for eczema from infants to adults with eczema. Read more abut this amazing discovery
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Description Instructions
We Were Hired By A Well Know Doctor To Create an Eczema Product
We did something better we found a breakthrough for skin rashes that include eczema and other skin conditions.
Why It Works Like Nothing Else
Alone these ingredients did nothing but together they create a super product.
The first main ingredient in this product is pure emu oil. The emu oil that we used is special. It is filtered a certain way to leave the fatty part of the oil but to remove all the impurities. Removing the impurities was vital. Not just any emu oil would work on the rashes. All the testing on emu shows that it is anti viral and anti bacterial. Another main reason was that emu oil is used in burn clinics across the world because it helps to rebuild the outter and protective layers of damaged skin. Skin with eczema is indeed damaged.
The second vital ingredient is a super pure form of aloe. Aloe helps to regenerate new skin cells. These new cells need to be toxin free and this new form of aloe appeared to the only form that woud do that.
The third vital ingredient is a super potent form of tea tree oil found in New Zealand. When we regular tea tree oil for the rashes it just doesn't work well enough. We believe that this is because the eczema is a mutated form of viruses and bacteria as well as fungi in one ball of a mess.
The fourth vital ingredient is blooming vine extract. This amazing extract was tested and proven to relieve eczema itching and redness upon contact. And while other creams promote that this is enough - it is not enough by itself to give you lasting results. these four ingredients togehter create a synergy that becomes an absolute breakthrough!
This Got Us Excited!!!
We tried this new breakthrough in a cream base on 6 people with eczema. All six showed results in 1 hour. The itch stopped on active lesion sin just minutes. By the second day the lesions didn't appear to be as active and had withdrawn in appearance. By the 4th day many of the lesions had withdrawn totally and the itch had not come back. all patients had the appearance of the eczema dissapear by the 6 th week.
Complete 60 Day Money Back Gurantee. We offer it but we very rarely use it!
 Simply apply the cream to active eczema or apply the cream where you want to prevent them. Use the cream sparingly as we offer replacement creams at a discount! You will not to keep using these creams forever! After the cream isapplied apply the emu oil to active eczema and massge in. It does not take much oil at all.
For babies and children under 2 we suggest using just the pure emu oil until their little bodies can adjust to the creams of the world. The oil alone is usually enough to work! For babies and children under 2 we believe that the foods that they are eating or the milk that they are drinking is not being broken down and assimilating. This means that is enters the coloon in an unbroken down form. The body oftens sees this an allergen and attacks it. Most children grow out of this. The answer is to carefully food check by removing and adding foods. This can also be done for 3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and 10 year olds. However our newest products are enough to cure the itch and appearance with each new patch that surfaces!
  • Rebuilds the outter layer of moiature level protection to protect skin
  • Goes after the virus, fungus and bacteria that we believe causes eczema rashes
  • Stops the itch just seconds
  • Natural enough to use as long as you like
  • Ingedients work to eliminate the eczema outbreak in a short period of time
  • Breakthrough finds the most potent eczema ingredients

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