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Psoriasis Kit (Emu Therapy Lotion 8 oz and Pure Emu Oil 1 oz)
psoasis and eczema

After finding this amazing discovery we truly believe that psoriasis is a combination of fungus and bacteria that have mutated in a very though to kill strand. This product is designed go after that fungal - bacterial mutation. It works!!!
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Read About This Natural Breakthrough For Psoriasis
The itching and redness along with the scales and plaques are all symbols of psoriasis and many people deal with that daily with very little relief from products. We now offer, what we believe to be the very best ingredients that have been proven to handle the tough itch, scales and redness that is medically termed as psoriasis.
Please Read This If You Suffer From Psoriasis
It wasn't until we put all the ingredients togther that we the amazing results of this product. Using a super pure form of aloe and a high version of blooming vine we had customers tell us the itch stopped in literally seconds.
This Got Us Excited!!!
These ingredients had stopped the itching but what about the redness and silvery scales? Could anything make those remiss. Could anything makes those visually disaapear. We have long seen the benefits of emu oil when it comes to healing. Remember htat emu oil used in burn clinics all over the world because it can heal scars and burns but also because it helps to rebuild the skin's outter protective layer. We added a super pure and filtered version to this cream making sure to keep in the fatty acids (they were not filtered). The other ingredient that has many customers had used was tea tree oil. We often customers call us just ofr tea tree oil alone to fight back psoriasis. It did a good job but the results alone were usually just temporary. We researched and found a more potent form that had 40 times power to fight fungi and bacteria. We added this to the cream.
See The Results!
We were stunned when we saw the results. We asked 3 of the toughest psoriasis cases to try it. Every one said that the itching stopped almost on contact. 2 out of 3 saw the red spots and silver scales lighten in color and in diameter in just 2 days. The third saw this happen in just 5 days. FInally all three saw the entire plaque go away in just 3 weeks. All said that at the 6 month mark that the scales and itching of the psoriasis were gone along with the disruption in the skin.
Important To Stay Diligent
Do not stop using the cream and the pure oil when the results have gotten good. Make sure to use it the entire 3 months. This is to prevent the scales, the redness and the itch of psoriasis from coming back! If you have a super tough situation of psoriasis then we strongly suggest that you stay away from pork and also from sugar as much as possible.
We Guarantee That This Works!
We offer a complete 60 day money back guarantee on this product because we have seen it work so many time for old and young, boys, girls and men and women as well as the elderly.
Compare This Product!
When you compare this product to others on the mraket you will find that  they do not offer the results that we do mainly because they only offer one or two of the ingredients. Compare us to Freederm also known as "Mom's Psoriasis Cure" you will see that we offer the same blooming vine extract but we also offer the power of the pure emu oil to supplement the strained outter layer of the skin that allowed the psoriasis to take root. We also offer a super potent virus killer and anti fungal in the form of tea tree oil and we offer a pure form of aloe to detox the cells of the body and to give the very fundamental building blocks of building the perfect cell, a healthy cell to take the place of the toxin riden cell.
No other natural based products comapre to this one for Psoriasis scales, itch relief and redness alleaviation.
  • Uses Pure Emu Oil and Blooming vine to moisturizer and rebuild the outter protective layers of the skin
  • Blooming vine ends itching and redness upon contact
  • Emu oil will add omega 3's directly to the skin's outter and protective latyers
  • Emu oil rebuilds skin denfenses being anti viral and anti bacterial
  • Pure aloe regenerate healthy skin cells that are toxic free
  • Super potent form of tea tree oil kills the virus and fungus associated with plaque and guttate psoriasis