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Emu Oil Premium For Scalp and Skin 2 oz
pure emu oil
This amazing oil works on so many different ailments - read below!

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Product Code: ENS204

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Pure Emu Oil - An Amazing and Healing Oil For Burns, Scars, Scabs & Hair & Scalp Health

Emu oil is amazing for the skin, scalp and hair. It has healing properties that no other oil possesses. It has anti inflammatory, anti vital and anti bacterial properties. We only sell the PREMIUM PURIFIED OIL.

So many different skin and hair problems are linked to inflammation and the specific chain of fatty acids found in this researched and studied oil offers benefits that no other can. There has been a lot of research and tests that have proven its efficacy.

For Healthy Skin:

While many companies have emollients that simply coat the skin, and make it hard for the products to penetrate the skin. These emollients also coat and cover the skin not allowing it to breath. Emu oil is different in that it resembles the skin in many aspects and your skin recognizes this. EMU OIL PENETRATES the skin while other emollients coat it. This is vital as it allows the healing ingredients that are mixed with emu oil to penetrate deep into the scalp and the skin. This is why emu oil is recognized as the top carrier oil.

Emu oil has very high natural content of omega 3's as well as anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties. These omega 3's are the very building blocks of skin, nails and hair. Inflammation can cause skin pores to close and trap bacteria inside causing a variety of skin conditions, skin rashes and redness along with itching. Emu oil penetrates the skin and relieves the very cause of these skin problems.

A must have for any skin problems that involve rashes, inflammation, redness and acne, scars, marks, amazing skin on the face and sores and scabs that won't go away. We have had more success with this oil for a sore or scab that is stubborn. Phenomenal results.

For Healthy Hair:

Almost every hair issues is caused by lack of nutrition (omegas are a part of this), bacterial build up (causes itching, rashes, dandruff, tenderness redness of the scalp and even hair loss when the follicle becomes slightly inflamed pinching the nutrition off to the hair), and hormones such as dht.

Emu helps with everyone of these problems like no other product or ingredient can. It helps to block dht, feed the hair follicle, and omega 3's cut inflammation and kill bacteria. It deep moisturizes from the inside out to eliminate dry scalp and dry hair issues.

If you have any type of skin or hair issue that involves redness of the skin, skin itching, skin rashes or inflammation, scarring (stretch marks and acne scars) then emu oil is a true must have. Emu oil is the absolute best way to prevent stretch marks and scars and it is all natural and actually adds nutrition to the body.
If you are having scalp issues or hair thinning or loss issues then we strongly suggest that you use a pure form of emu oil. It can stop hair loss in its tracks. It can visibly help scalp sores and scalp acne and bumps without drying out or harming the scalp. We have a large number of customers that use this because they believe it works for darkening grey hair and with optimal hair growth.

Other Unique Applications:

One of our best sellers for an extremely beard on guys. It helps for a super soft and healthy beard but it also helps with the facial skin to prevent many of the problems men run into.

1) Burns, Scars, Wounds, Stretch Marks, Fingernail Health
2) Super Soft but Healthy Fingernails (end brittle fingernails)
3) This is probably the best anti bump shave oil
4) We also believe that this oil in pure form is also one of the best optimal growth oils for hair.

Directions For Use:

All you need is a couple of drops and massage it in. For spot specific items on the face or on the head simply apply a few drops to the fingers and lightly massage in. Let it sit so that it is absorbed into the skin. Some customers also add this lotions, shampoos, conditioners, face creams and lotions by putting the lotion in the hand or fingers first and then adding a couple of drops of the oil and massage together where desired.

  • Loaded with Omega 3's
  • Adds Nutrition to the Hair, Skin and Scalp
  • Amazing for Rosacea, Skin Rashes, Burns, Stretch Marks, Scars, Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis
  • Keeps Fingernails Strong and Improves Skin in Just a Few Applications
  • Proven to Eliminate the Appearance of Stretch Marks
  • Proven to Aid in the Prevention of Hair Loss
  • Brings Moisture Levels in Skin, Scalp and Hair Back to the Normal Range
  • An Amazing Deep Penetrator When Used With Other Ingredients That Need to Penetrate Deep into the Skin
  • We Use a Highly Regarded Pure Form of Emu Oil