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Scalp Clearing Congestion Lotion 1.7 oz
Scalp Sores Hot Spot Lotion

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Product Code: ENS190


Scalp Scabs - Sores - Intense Itching Hot Spots - Plugs

This amazing lotion does so much for the health of your scalp by including a brand new zinc breakthrough that helps to squelch the symptoms of scalp issues - going after the very cause of scalp problems. Zinc and a purifying herbal complex make this the absolute best natural scalp health product you can use for just about any scalp issues or problem.

Intense Results For Intense Scalp Problems
Yeast, Bacteria, and the Fungus known for Dandruff ( malassezia furfur ) can all cause some pretty bad spots on your scalp and on your face. There are very few products out there that target the sebum build up or excess sebum that often feeds the microbes we mentioned. Zinc pca has been tested and studied for years and found to be antifungal, anti bacterial and anti yeast. It also is known to regulate the amount of sebum which also regulates the amount of cholesterol, which is the food for this fungus.

If you are looking for relief and long term results then make sure to try this scalp lotion. It deals with scalp congestion, sebum plugs, hardened sebum plugs. To be honest it is best when used with the shampoo and conditioner but it does work amazingly well for any hot spots that you might have.

Scalp Sores Help?

If you are having some intense itching and burning spots on the head, such as the back of the head, hair line, crown of the head, neckline, behind the ears or even the eyebrows then you really do need to use something to handle the 3 main causes. This lotion was designed for this very problem. The owner had the very same issue for years. With help from a product formulator and trichologist a product was formulated (a lot of trial and error) that got the results that have been pleasing customers for nearly 20 years. It works on scalp sores that are itching, intense, flaking and more.

Also includes: Zinc pca, thyme, sage, fenugreek, burdock, seed oils, tea tree oil and more.