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Oily Hair& Sebum KIT Shampoo & Conditioner
Sebum Reducing Shampoo
The owner uses this shampoo because of the amaizng results!

This shampoo regualtes the amount of oil careful not to dry out the scalp, yet ending oily scalp and hair problems.
List Price: $34.00
Our Price: $31.00
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Product Code: ENS10

Description Instructions
The Perfect Oily Hair Shampoo and Conditioner Kit With Zinc Pca Sebum Control - Vital For Results
These two products are out top sellers in the hair category. This combination is unmatched when it comes to creating the perfect environment in the scalp for healthy and amazingly vibrant hair with just the perfect amount of oil. This is not an anti sebum shampoo as your scalp and hair do need some oils however excess sebum can cause scalp plugs and clogged pores called congestion that result in a lot of hair and scalp issues.

Many shampoos will strip away scalp oils one time. However, that can be damaging to the lipid barrier and it is not a long term solution. Control of the sebum is the best way to get a long term result for greasy scalp and hair issues.

Many People Have This Problem and Can't Find A Long Term Solution!
Over 40% of the population suffers from oily scalp or skin issues. Our newest breakthrough ingredient combination literally regualtes - does not turn off - the sebum or oil in the skin and scalp. It will not dry out your hair or scalp but instead regulate the amount of oil that is produced from the sebum gland in the follicle.

The Magic Mineral Called Zinc Pca - Get Rid of The Grease Without Drying!
Zinc Pca Regulates the amount of oil that is secreted by the sebum gland inside the hair follicle. This almost always clears up most major scalp problems since the bad bacteria in the scalp feed off of the oils in the scalp.Try these products today and we feel very, very strongly that you too will be blown away with the health of your hair and scalp!

Long Term Results Of Not Handling Excess Scalp Oils
For those that do not balance the sebaceous gland some of the long term effects can be inflammation. This happens when the sebum mixes with the dirt, residue and grime on the scalp and catches at the opening of the follicle. These are calle plugs and are very common. The congestion causes stagnant sebum and inflammation in the follicle. Everything from itching, flaking, redness, scaling, hair thinning and loss can occur from excess oily hair and scalp.

America's Top Selling Zinc based, herbal shampoo! For the best your hair can be including optimal growth, and optimal health! Regulate Sebum and Remove Skin and Follicle Congestion!
  • The Only Natural Ingredient that Regualtes the Flow of Oil
  • Will Not Dry Out Hair Like Most Products
  • Does Not Totaly Strip Hair of Oils but Instead Allows for the Perfect Amount of Oil
  • Will End Long Term Issues of Oily Scalp and Hair
  • Clears Up Problems Like Scalp Acne, Bumps, Pimples and Zits
  • Detoxifies Your Scalp
  • Natural Based - No Harsh Clarifiers