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Oily Itchy Scalp and Flaking Shampoo with Zinc Pca 8 oz
Shampoo For Oily Hair and Dandruff

List Price: $24.00
Our Price: $19.00
You save $5.00!

Product Code: ENS-SCALP8


.Oily Itchy Thin Hair? This is For You!

Zinc pca is a must have for anybody that is suffering from dandruff symptoms and has an oily scalp or hair. These two tend to go hand and in hand and most antifungal or anti dandruff shampoos on the market do nothing to help with scalp and skin congestion including clogged hair follicles and sebum plugs. These allow the fungus that causes dandruff ( malassezia ) to flourish unchecked in the hair follicles. The sebum and cholesterol mix feeds the fungus and the bacteria.

How Does This Work?

This shampoo targets the sebum plugs to melt them away with herbs. It then irrigates the hair follicle to help remove bacteria and fungus living down inside. Finally it uses zinc pca. Zinc pca is known the regulate sebum. It does not shut it totally off or strip all the oils away. You do need oils to maintain the lipid barrier on the scalp. However, excess oils are a problem and can cause inflammation leading to a lot of scalp problems including hair loss.


  • Hardened Sebum Plugs
  • Bacteria and Fungus Flushed Out Of Follicle
  • Excess Sebum Removal and Flow
  • Micro Nutrient Establish Once Inflammatory Agents are Removed Inside Follicle. This Will Also Lead to a Healthier Thicker Hair
  • Smells amazing - Not A Medicine Smell At All - Fresh Scent
  • Panthenol To Thicken Hair Appearance
  • No DMDM Hydantoin

See Why The Ingredients Are Voted The Best For Long Term Scalp and Hair Health. For Nearly 20 Years This Is Almost Always Voted #1 For Scalp Health.
  • A Natural Form Of Zinc That Eliminates Scalp PRoblems and Issues
  • The Only Shampoo to go after long term results
  • Natural based and no harsh chemical anti fungals
  • No Selenium Sulfide, No Tars, No Nasty Smell
  • Regulates the Sebum gland to prevent both oily and dry scalp - you get the correct amount of oil
  • Corrects Ph Imbalances in the Scalp that Leads to harsh hair and scalp problems
  • Voted Top Scalp Shampoo in 2008 and in 2009!