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Purifying Body Cleanser 8 oz
Body Odor Wash With Zinc Pca

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Size: 8oz

Product Code: ENS-BODYWASH

Description Ingredients

Bacteria Causes Body Odor - Zinc Pca Eliminates Bacteria!

This amazing body wash can be used on the body or on the scalp. Read more about how it works to help end body complaints that include body odor, smell and general stink on the body.

What Causes Body Odor

All odor is caused by bacteria. However the more important question is how did your skin allow bacteria to grow deep into the pores and begin an incubation and growth pattern that allowed it to become out of control. The answer is that most soaps and body washes are ph's incorrectly and this high ph destroys the body's natural ability to fight off germs, bacteria and fungus. You can get that sour, onion smell that doesn't seem to want to go away and it can be on the body, under the arms, midsection, feet and more.

How Does These Products Work?

The body wash and body lotion work together to do three things!
1) The body wash contains a special and amazing form of zinc. Remember that a large portion of your skin zinc. It is called nature's antibiotic because it naturally eradicates bacteria. It is not a chemical nor is it harsh on the body skin or scalp. As a matter of fact any doctor will tell you to take zinc supplements when fighting off a cold and for everyday health. This is a special form of zinc that penetrates deep into the pores to go after the bacteria and germs and IT WORKS! But that's not all it also includes specialized and carefully chosen herbs that purify and irrigate these unwanted's!

2) The second thing the wash does is to re-balance the skin to the correct ph that allows it effectively fight off these germs that cause body odor or body smell. PH is vital to healthy skin.You must also open the clogged or congested skin pores.

3) Open Cogested Skin Pores. The lotion then reinforces the ph and also adds omega's to skin to also enhance the skin's ability to fight off foreign invaders. The result is NO MORE HARSH BODY ODOR SYMPTOMS AND LASTING RESULTS!
If you suffer from body smells make sure to order the kit below. There anti bacterial and antifungal products on the market but these very rarely do anything for the skin congestion that caused the problem. You are just days away from the way that you want to be. Order now for healthy skin!
  • Long Term Results By Tackling Skin Congestion Issues
    Can Be Used Anywhere on the External Body Skin
    Tested Herbs For Purifying and Irrigating Skin
    Zinc Pca Has Been Researched And Proven
    Ships Fast To You From the United States
    #1 Seller For Special Skin and Hair Issues for Nearly 20 Years