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Purify Zinc Beard Lotion 2 oz
Purify Zinc Beard Lotion  2 oz

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Intense Beard Lotion With Zinc PCa to End Symptoms Of Itching, Flaking, Redness and more. #1 Seller!

Men if your beard is itching that are itching and often flaking similar to dandruff then Zinc pca and the herbal purifying combination is something that you really need to learn about.

Often times it is associated with Seborrhea, Oily Skin and Dandruff. To eliminate the itching and flaking you have deep cleanse the hair follicle with specific herbs and the best mineral in for this is zinc pca. This lotion is one of the best ways to do it and was designed just for it.

Often times an overactive sebum gland causes this is a series of ways.The absolute best ingredient for this is Zinc pca. It is proven, in a natural way to regulate the amount of oil that the hair that is in the skin follicle can produce. This keep its healthy but in abundance.

However, excess bacteria can also cause the excess production. This lotion is designed for long term results. It doesn't just cover up the problem. It helps the glands to reset while deep cleansing away problems such as bacteria and fungus build up. We guarantee you will be pleased with the results.

This same lotion can be used in the beard, behind the ears, around the nose, on the cheeks and more.

Eye lids and Eye brows - Behind Ears Are All Places Where Itching Can and Does Occur With Flaking Etc This can also be used on t.

Around The Nose and Cheeks

The same thing that causes the above mentioned also causes itching, redness and flaking around the nose and behind the ears. We strongly suggest using Zincplex purifying wash as well in these areas along with the Lotion.