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Oil of Oregano for Nail Fungus
Nail fungal infection is one of the most difficult disorders to cure. Both fingernails and toenails may be affected, although toenail fungal infections are more common. There are a number of oral medications that have been recommended as effective treatments, and, indeed, many of these cures eradicate nail fungus.  But all of these medications have the potential of causing considerable toxicity, as well as liver damage. Oil of oregano aids in the cure chiefly through external application, although sometimes internal consumption is required, but this must only be under the direction of a professional health care provider. The oil has a deep piercing power, which aids in the destruction of nail fungus, since this fungus contaminates the root of the nail bed as well as the surface. Among all essential oils, oil of oreganoís ability to destroy nail fungus is unsurpassed. Rub oil of oregano generously into infected nails as often as possible. Be sure to cut sugar intake.
Problem toenails may easily become infected, particularly by fungi, although bacteria, such as Pseudomonas, may also infect them.  Toenail infections are difficult to eliminate, because the infection beings deep within the nail bed and the application of medication to this region is difficult.
It is a little known fact that poor health of the feet affects the health of the whole body.  Accordingly, the feet must be kept clean and free of infection for optimal health.  Wash the feet habitually and be sure to keep the toenails well manicured.  Clean any dirt and small particles that might accumulate about the toenails or between the toes.  Rub oil of oregano at least once or twice daily over the nail beds, the soles and between the toes.  Donít neglect the health of the feet else the body will pay the price.
Children must be taught the importance of hand washing.  Oil of oregano and/or tea tree essential oil helps lessen the risk for contracting microbial illnesses. They can be used on the body and on different objects, and may be added to soaps and body washes.  They are a general antiseptic, and there is no limit to the versatility of their uses.  Infections spread like wildfires in public institutions, especially schools. Teach children to use the oils during hand washing to prevent the spread of infection from child to child and also to prevent it from arriving at home.