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What are the Most Common Scalp Conditions 

Various scalp conditions is not an uncommon problem. These scalp conditions not just cause skin irritations and itchy, painful conditions but also discomfort for humiliation. Apparently, harmless these skin conditions may not be fatal but then you should remember that skin cancers can be caused from the scalp. The most common scalp problems are dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, seborrhea and Psoriasis. 

Dandruff-The most common of hair problems, this mild problem of dandruff causes the scalp to be itchy, with white flakes. While the mild form of dandruff is simply a cosmetic nuisance, the severe form of this causes accumulation of the flakes all clumped and almost sticking together at the mounds on the scalp. This severe form may be most common at puberty and adolescence. 

Seborrheic Dermatitis also known as seborrhea is a scalp problem afflicting millions around the world. Also called scalp dermatitis, this scalp condition can be recognized by patchy flaking, inflammation and excessive oily scalp and also by hair thinning and hair loss. The exact reason for this problem remains unknown but several theories state that excess oil secretion from the sebaceous glands can lead to this problem. The main purpose of the sebaceous glands which are connected to the hair follicles is to create and excrete essential natural oils or sebum. The follicle shaft and cuticle is moisturized, hydrated, lubricated add essential nutrients are added to it by the sebum. One of the best treatments to these hair conditions is shampooing frequently. If you shampoo with a clarifying shampoo then you might be relieved not just from symptoms like dirt and pollution but also oiliness and flakiness. There are shampoos designed specifically to treat a particular type of problem’s symptoms and also address the root cause of the problem. Especially, Zinc PC is the most common, popular and an effective element for treating Seborrhea. Dry scalp can be a huge source of humiliation. The flakes might cause itchiness which in return if you scratch your head ,then might not just make you attract unwanted attention but also cause hair loss. Too much of shampooing is also not healthy and further reactions to a new hair product and unhealthy dietary habits might cause hair and scalp problems. 

 o Scalp Acne - In case you are surprised to read this don’t be because acnes whether they come out on the face or scalp are irritating and painful. Therefore, if you ever hurt your scalp while combing noticing a painful tiny bump, then know that its time for acne treatment on your scalp. Besides the treatments applied to regular acne, you need to be careful about some information you should be aware of with regards to your scalp. 

o Split Ends(Trichoptlosis)-These days the overuse of dyeing and other hair styling methods like perming are destroying the hair cuticle from the end of hair fibres.Avery common problem, sometimes a hair can be split up to 2-3 centimetres.However, the treatment to split ends is easy and can be done at home following a few steps. The most important thing required for avoiding all this is plain and simple hygienic means and regular maintainence.If you avoid styling and excess of dyes, you can save your hair from the wrath of several problems.
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