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Dry Scalp

Many people suffer from dry scalp, and most of them try to cure it by washing the hair more often.   Unfortunately, over washing the hair actually exasperates the problem.  Too many harsh shampoos will make the scalp even dryer.  The shampoo and conditioners, and even the water itself, serve to pull moisture away from the scalp.  

The real secret to a healthy scalp, and therefore healthy hair is the right combination of oil.  The sebaceos gland produces oil on the scalp.  When it is under producing a dry scalp is the result.  

External conditions sometimes cause a dry scalp as well.  Cold winters may be the culprit.  Other offenders are strong air conditioners, like those in an office building or hotel room.  Flying can also cause a dry scalp.  The air in planes tends to be very low in moisture.  

There are other causes of dry scalp as well, sudden dietary changes, dehydration, and overuse of hairdryers and other styling aids to name a few.  The most common reason is probably chemical laden hair products, especially those with a high alcohol content.  In an attempt to cure greasy hair, many products tend to over dry and damage the hair.  Hair products with natural ingredients such as jojoba oil and zinc are much better at helping create the right balance of oil on the delicate scalp area.   This balance is the key to healthy beautiful hair.