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Scalp Sores Scalp sores are a common skin condition. There are several things that may cause bumps, blisters or painful sores to appear on the scalp. The following is a short list of the possible culprits. X Contact Dermatitis, caused by an allergic skin reaction X Viral Infection V Chickenpox or Shingles X Acne X Folliculitis- An infection of the hair shaft X Impetigo- An infection of the skin X An Epidermal or Sebaceous Cyst X Skin Cancer Sometimes skin cancer occurs on the scalp. It usually occurs in areas that are not covered as well with hair.

It may look like a mole, a sore that will not heal, or in some cases just a persistent irritation on the skin. There are three common types of skin cancer- basal cell, squamous cell, and melanoma. If you have a mole that has changes in size or shape or a sore that will not go away in a reasonable period of time it is best to have it checked out by a dermatologist. When the scalp is over dry the hair follicle is left open allowing oil to become trapped around the hair follicle an infection that looks a like acne or pimples can occur. This is sometimes called folliculitis. These bumps may vary in size and may or may not be able to be popped.

Severe folliculitis may even cause painful red boils. A shampoo that deep cleans the follicle is needed to keep the oil from getting trapped. Contact dermatitis is caused by an irritation or an allergic reaction to something the scalp has come into contact with. Usually this is the use of harsh chemicals found in some hair products like shampoo, conditioners, and hair dyes. These products tend to dry the scalp out too much and leave the follicles open. This can lead to sores that are dry. You need avoid having too much oil or too little oil on the scalp. The correct balance leads to a healthy scalp. Once a problem like scalp sores, blistering and crusting occur you much re-balance the scalp.

This can be accomplished without harsh chemicals that tend to over dry. A natural zinc based product that actually regulates the sebaceous gland works much better at achieving the natural oil balance of the scalp. For most balancing the scalp is the answer and the one ingredient that does this better than any other is a special form of zinc that our shampoos in the scalp section have. Contact us with any questions that you might have about these amazing shampoos.