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Itchy Scalp

It may not be easy to suffer a balding itchy scalp. You may start losing hair suddenly and this comes with severe itching in the scalp. Many people endure itchy scalp when they get a balding problem.

You may have a sore, burning and itchy scalp or dry, itchy scalp with dandruff or itching in the scalp for any other reson, it is possible to get rid of it with the help of simple and correct remedies.

When we talk about itchy scalp with hair loss problem it is a common problem and you will need to treat it depending on the other symptoms. It is very essential that you are able to diagnose the problem as soon as possible. Psoriasis of the scalp is most often diagnosed when there are white patches on the skin which has become red. This condition can result in severe itching which may be temporary and you can get rid of it appropriate treatment.

Another reason for the scalp to get red and itchy is ringworm infection on the scalp. It is a   contagious fungal infection and you have to be cautious about this condition. It is not just germs and microbes which cause itchy scalp you can even get this due to allergic reaction to hair care products. There are some shampoos which contain very strong chemicals and can harm the hair follicles which lead to allergic reaction and even an itchy scalp.

Dandruff is a frustrating and an embarrassing condition and individuals suffering from it face flaking as well as an itchy scalp. Anyone can suffer from this condition be it 16 or 80 years of age.

There are many kinds of over-the-counter shampoos and other hair products available for treating this condition. The main cause for itchy scalp is an imbalance in the scalp and you need to use a shampoo which restores the balance.