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Zinc - Means Healthy Scalp and Skin Care
The natural breathrough for those that suffer form many different skin and scalp problems Over 20% of the skin in made up of zinc! There is a reason for this. Zinc is the body's natural anti biotic and natural anti bacrterial. On a daily basis our bodies fight off bacteria and fungus! Yes everyday almost all of us fight for balance of bacteria, fungus and moisture as well as skin ph. When the delicate balance is tilted in either direction we can start to have skin and scalp problems. Problems such as itchy skin or scalp and dandruff as well as seborrheic dermatitis have all been linked to a fungus called malassezia furfur. Almost all of us have malassezia furfur in our skin and scalps but when we start to lose the battle then it grows in a abundance and becomes out of balance.
The zinc does an amazing job helping to regain the balance in a short period of time. Zinc is made up of A special form of zinc called zinc pca. It is an amino acid derivative of zinc (a very natural form) and also has the purifying herbs of thyme, sage, fenugreek, burdock, ivy and other special herbs and it is extremely potent against unwated bacteria and fungus that is often found in abundance with those that suffer from dandruff, acne, skin itch, skin rashes, white flakes on the face, eyebrows and scalp as well as the flakes that occur in the ears, scalps, behind hte ears and many other places. This fungus and bacteria is also implicated in eczema and psoriasis and even folliculitis. Zinc in different combinations is extremely potent against each and everyone of the these when used in the right combination.