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Zinc - Means Healthy Scalp and Skin Care
The natural breathrough for those that suffer form many different skin and scalp problems Over 20% of the skin in made up of zinc! There is a reason for this. Zinc is the body's natural anti biotic and natural anti bacrterial. On a daily basis our bodies fight off bacteria and fungus! Yes everyday almost all of us fight for balance of bacteria, fungus and moisture as well as skin ph. When the delicate balance is tilted in either direction we can start to have skin and scalp problems. Problems such as itchy skin or scalp and dandruff as well as seborrheic dermatitis have all been linked to a fungus called malassezia furfur. Almost all of us have malassezia furfur in our skin and scalps but when we start to lose the battle then it grows in a abundance and becomes out of balance.
The zinc does an amazing job helping to regain the balance in a short period of time. Zinc is made up of A special form of zinc called zinc pca. It is an amino acid derivative of zinc (a very natural form) and also has the purifying herbs of thyme, sage, fenugreek, burdock, ivy and other special herbs and it is extremely potent against unwated bacteria and fungus that is often found in abundance with those that suffer from dandruff, acne, skin itch, skin rashes, white flakes on the face, eyebrows and scalp as well as the flakes that occur in the ears, scalps, behind hte ears and many other places. This fungus and bacteria is also implicated in eczema and psoriasis and even folliculitis. Zinc in different combinations is extremely potent against each and everyone of the these when used in the right combination.
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Spray for Hands Face Essential oils
Zincplex 70% Alcohol Hand Spray and Surface 8 oz - AV
Our Price: $14.00

A Hand and Surface Spray With 70% Alcohol and Targeted Ingredients Proven To Be Cleanse and Protect:

Guaranteed To Ship Within 1-3 Days! Most Will Ship within 48 Hours.

A blend of 70 % alcohol, zinc pca and essential oils that are all either tested or over time been believed to be top essential oil and herbals.
  • Non Drying
  • Alcohol Percentage Perfect For Germs on Hands And Surfaces
  • Larger Bottle To Last Long Time
  • Get This Now Before America Opens Up and There Is A Rush Again

This product is a big breakthrough for Zincplex by adding Zinc pca which is tested and proven to be perfect for fighting foreign invaders and blending it with the top herbs and essential oil blend.

Zinc is an amazing ingredient - see here for anti viral info. It is one of the main ingredients in our new face and body spray. This spay can be used anywhere on the exterior body. When using on the face close eyes and mist. For hands simply mist in to hands and then rub on.

This spray can also be used on surfaces that you work at or visit, touch frequently through the day. Remember that most wipes out in the market are not targeted as viruses so make sure to give these a good spray.

70% Alcohol! Also includes Aloe to leave hands super soft.

A portion of the herbs included in our proprietary blend and are included in the spray are:
Wild Orange
Lemon Grass

See herbs and how they interact with viral activity (1)

Read here about a study of a blend of oleresins and essential oils worked to lower the viral RNA levels in the Novel Corona Virus. (2)
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Best Clarifying Shampoo
ZincPCA Detox Purifying Complex - More Thank Clarifying
Our Price: $22.00

Deep Cleanse and Purify For Amazing Results

Clarifying Shampoos tend to fall short of what most people are trying to accomplish. Deep Cleansing and Fresh Restart Has Been Taken To A Whole New Level. Detox and Purify but without high levels of harsh stripping chemicals.

Does Your Current Product Cleanse Away Sebum Dirt and Debris That Clogs Hair Follicles and Weighs Down Hair:

1) Does It Cleanse The Root?
2) Does It Use Harsh Chemicals To Strip
3) Does It Help To Restore Balance
4) Has It Tested (by large companies) Extracts and Minerals That Restore Balance To The Hair Follicle and Scalp Skin
5) Does It Help To Restore The Ph Balance
6) Does It Herbally Break Down Years Of Build Up That Can Cause Sebum Plugs at Follicle Openings?

For years we have been selling one of the best selling herbal and zinc based shampoos on the market. Recently we have made it even better. It was not designed to just strip.

Do You Need A Product Like This?

So many problems that are associated with the hair and also scalp issues are attributed to hair follicle build up. Why? Because it causes a chain reaction. Over years build up on the scalp gathers where the hair meets the scalp. This is an easy target for the dirt, sticky shampoo residue, hair sprays and similar to gather. Over time the oils of the scalp also combine and sebum plugs or clogs form. These clogs prevent air and even shampoos for getting into the follicle. The result is a pinched hair. This can result in thin, dry, slow growth and many other conditions.

It can also result in build on the scalp and inside the follicle that is bacterial and fungus driven. The result can be waxy, white gunk, itching flaking and even sores, dandruff type patches that are scaly and red.

Take The Step To Give Your Follicles A Restart - A Refresh - Purify!

Zincplex has been a staple in the healthy hair community for over 20 years because it offers solutions like any other. The amount of repeat customers speaks to it. Get yours today! Ships From the USA.

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