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If You Have Oily Hair or Scalp Then Read Why We Are #1

Excess Sebum on the Scalp and Greasy Hair Problems can be caused by quite a few different things and this is why we use herbs and a special form of zinc to tackle them in a much more natural way.

Zinc Complex Shampoo and Conditioner. Regulate The Over Active Sebum Gland For Long Term Results. If left unchecked excess oil on the tender skin on the head can progress into other problems that include itching, flaking, sores and more. See the picture below.

Zinc PCA Regulates The Sebum Gland For Normal Production

Clarifying shampoos strip, they are harsh on the hair and the delicate skin on the head and more importantly they do nothing to handle the build up inside the hair follicle.

If you are here it might be because you are having long term problems greasy oily and sebum build up. You might be having some other issues that can accompany including redness, itching, irritation, flaking and for a small few even hair thinning or loss.

No matter your problems from wanting to end a day to day fight with greasy oily issues to helping with problems like Seborrhea, Bumps and Sores it is time to Re-balance your scalp. PURIFY IT!

#1 For Over 20 Years Because We Get To The Root Of The Problem

Zinc Pca does more than just deep cleanse away oils. It helps to regulate the sebum gland. This is huge. The results are long term. A very specific herbal complex was developed over time to purify deep into the hair root and growth system. This will hit the restart button for healthy hair.

We have had customers for over 10 years because of how well Zinc Plex handles these scalp issues and how healthy it can be for your hair! We guarantee a fuller healthier look and feel! 60 Day Guarantee! Also a Conditioner that will never weigh your hair down!!! See Why Zinc Plex is #1! Order Now.

Excess, hardened, crusty Sebum can cause a host of problems inside the follicle including slower growth, bacterial and fungal issues that can cause itching, redness, dandruff symptoms, dermatitis, even folliculitis and clogged follicles can cause hair loss in women and men. Handle this easily with #1 rated Shampoo and Conditioner! Zinc PCA is king!

This is what it looks like in real life! You can barely make out the outline of the hair because of the sebum plug. This was from a professional middle aged lady. Years of scalp oils, hair gels and pollution from the environment caused some serious problems. The second picture is what the hair is supposed to look like under microscope!

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ENS BIO ZINC PCA Shampoo for Oily Hair (8 oz) ZINC PLEX Shampoo & Conditioner For Oily / Greasy Hair Scalp
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To learn more about the Zinc pca that we use please visit
and you can see testing and why this ingredient in the proper percent is so important to helping with this particular scalp problem. Zincplex can also be ordered on Amazon by Clicking Here.

Hardened sebum can form around the hair opening and also inside the hair follicle. Our expertise is in the complex derived from very specific herbs that help to dissolve away unhealthy amounts of sebum and oils. We don't just strip or clarify.
This is much more in depth.

I Personally Suffered From An Excessively Oily Scalp - Here Is The Research:

Dr. Greenberg is a dermatologist and experienced trichologist and believes that one of the best and one important ingredients in a shampoo o conditioner that is to help greasy or over abundance of oilyness is Zinc Pca.

Dr Greenberg did first hand research on Zinc pca when combined with thyme and sage the results showed that it was extremely effective in helping with these problems both short term and long term. He believes that zinc is not present enough in the scalp and and skin of those that have either short or long term. It is a natural antibiotic and helps to defend against unwanted bacteria and fungus issues that can often cause over abundance of oils.

What Customers Are Saying:
"I specifically bought Zincplex because of the ingredient zinc pca. I had done a tone of research and read the research articles on it. I am not normally that thorough but I have been suffering with extreme oilyness and also breakouts for a long, long time. The results were absolutely perfect. I am a walking billboard for your product Zincplex Products!"

"I have used Zincplex hair products for over 10 years. Without a doubt they are the only products that I feel really work. My issues went from controlling my life to me not really even noticing them any more."
Mary Lynn - Atlanta Georgia

"I can tell that without any doubt these are the best and only solution that I would recommend. I am so glad I watched the video and bought them!"
Charlie Wells - Florida