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Optimal Hair Growth For All Types Of Hair - Questions? We Have Answers!

Men and women can suffer hair loss and ultimately the entire hair loss cycle takes place deep within the scalp - the hair follicle to be exact. There are different reasons for hair loss in both men and women but it is important to note that ultimately all reasons are found lurking inside the hair follicle.

Women's Hair Growth With Maximum Nutrition To The Root And Dermal Papilla Cells

For women we have done extensive research and believe that the typical hair loss hormone is not nearly as influential in hair loss or thinning as it is in mens hair loss. We believe that yeast plays a bigger role. We have found that in most women that are losing hair their is a yeast connection in the hair follicle. We believe that by removing the over abundance of yeast and rebalancing the good biotics that the growth cycle will be enhanced in a very big way. For both men and women the hair loss starts in the scalp! AND THAT IS WHERE OUR PRODUCTS WORK!

Men's Hair Help For Optimal Thickness and Healthy Growth

For most men the main reason for thinner appearance and slowing growth is the hormone called dht and this hormone is fed by the sebum gland that is inside the scalp in the hair follicle. A very specific enzyme called 5 alpha reductase converts testosterone to DHT (the hormone for hair loss). This bad enzyme feeds off the cholesterol in the sebum or scalp oils. Don't fret as we have some of the best dht and enzyme blockers in the business to go directly after this conversion process. You will see results! When the hair is getting pinched is lacks nutrition and the hair growth slows down, the shaft thins and the hair can be very fragile and hard to style with easy fall and breakage.

See the products below that best suit your needs! They are clearly labeled!

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Biotin DHT Serum (For men and women) 1 oz each (2 bottles) Biotin Growth Shampoo 12 oz Fast Growing Hair Kit (Biotin Sham, Cond, Vitamins)
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Our Price: $44.00
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Biotin Dht Blocker for hair loss hair growth shampoo Growth Hair Kit
Follicle Stimulator 8 oz Mens Hair Loss Symptoms Kit (Biotin Growth Serum & Zinc Shampoo Deep Cleanser) Vital Nutrition Hair Vitamins - 60 count
List Price: $24.00
Our Price: $21.00
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List Price: $47.95
Our Price: $44.95
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Follicle Stimulator   8 oz Mens dht scalp hair loss kit with biotin and zinc best hair vitamins
ZincPlus Healthy Scalp Conditioner ( 8 oz)
List Price: $22.00
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healthy scalp conditioner