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What causes scalp sores? There are variety of reasons for scalp sores but the very main reason is an imbalance in the scalp's immunity system. Everyday our skin and scalp is subjected to bacteria, germs and even specific types of fungus. Normally our scalp does a decent job of fighting these off however many times the bacteria can grow in the hair follicle itself and this is where most shampoos do not clean.

To get rid of a sore scalp, the hair follicle itself must be cleansed and purified. These areas are bacteria havens and the result is a sore bumps or open wounds that can bun, itchy and often times scalp redness or inflammation. I HAVE EXPERIENCED this problem myself. After years of setting out to find the best solution I found what I call the magic ingredient combination that includes zinc & special herbs. Try this and you will be shocked at how healthy your hair and head can be!!!
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Extra Strength Zinc Complex Shampoo 8 oz (ENS BIO SHAMPOO) Zinc Scalp Sores Kit Scalp Sores Lotion
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scalp sores shampoo Zinc Scalp Sores Kit Scalp Sores Lotion
The only natural based shampoo that is guaranteed to remove all symptoms of scalp sores in a short amount of time. Tested and proven anti bacterial and purfying ingredeints. Expect results!

Zinc PCA - The Tested and Proven Way To Eliminate Scalp Sores Naturally!

Research shows that the combination of low zinc in the scalp skin along with a high scalp ph means that bacteria, fungus and parasites can grow unchecked causing scalp sores. The main cause of dandruff is a very specific fungus. The same is true with seborrheic dermatitis and many other itchy scalp and head conditions! Any of these bacteria or fungi can cause itching, bleeding, intense flaking and even puss oozing sore spots on the head!

Get Results!

Low Levels Of Zinc can be replenished with this kit! Designed to help restore balance to the scalp with very specific cleansing and purifying herbs and mineral called zinc pca!

See why these products are rated as the very best herbal and natural based solutions to tough scalp issues! Expect big results but allow around 15 days for the purifying and deep cleansing to take place!

Zinc is nature's natural purifying agent along with herbs like thyme, burdock, stimulating and irrigating sage and several more get you the results that you are looking for!

Scalp Sores lotion
ZincPlus Healthy Scalp Conditioner ( 8 oz) Healthy Scalp Purifying Shampoo 8 oz
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healthy scalp conditioner Deep Cleansing Shampoo
The addition of pure organic ingredients enhance the appearance of the hair by working on the scalp, root, and hair fiber.  Light-weight daily conditioner for all types of hair that does not weigh down hair. Remove everything that causes hair and scalp problems with a pure way to detox the scalp and the hair follicle.
"I fought with sores on my scalp for many years. I even went to a dermatologist but none gave me the amazing treatment that you did. after about 10 days my scalp issues and problems starting clearing up. as a result I can tell you that my very oily scalp has also gone away."

"I am so amazed by your shampoo and conditioner - my head sores have literally dried and gone away! I don't feel gross anymore."

"I was shocked to find that very few companies have anything to do with the skin. You products are great and i recommend them to my hair styling clients every time that I see even the smallest problem."

What Causes Scalp Sores & What Are The Treatments?
Many of us would like to know what causes theese issues on your head. There are a number of reasons for this but the one which is most accepted is the growth of bacteria deep within the follicle. Contrary to belief, poor hygiene is not the main reason for this condition. What causes the itching, buning and even sometimes bleeding is usually unnecessary washing or using harsh shampoos and conditioners which dry the scalp, leaving the hair follicle exposed to infection. It is possible that your condition will actually intensify by using hair care products sold in the salon and conventional drug stores. To give you an example, Sodium Laurel Sulphate which is a harsh chemical is used in many of the shampoos as it foams and cleans uncompromisingly. If the product increases the ph levels in the scalp there is higher production of bacteria. It's painful as well as an uncomfortable condition, but can be treated completely. There are a few main causes.

When the skin on the head or inside the follicle is depleted of the essential oils, there is growth of several infections with fungus resulting in dandruff and flaking of the scalp. There can also be pimples, bumps, bleeding, redness, inflammation, acne and if the condition is not controlled in time can cause this problem to become very intense. It is also possible that there is ringworm which is an external fungal infection of the scalp. Allergic skin reaction is is another reason. Chickenpox and shingles kind of viral infections also lead to sore scalp. Reasons may be any but you need a hair product especially made to manage the condition. You can use our Zinc healthy hair products which will help you get back the ph balance as well as get rid of the major reasons what causes scalp sores. You will be amazed by the results once you get back the scalp into balance. A correct ph balance is the scalp's biggest and best defense against bacteria, fungus and germs that are the cause of open head sores that are often very itchy, almost considered a severe itch. Zinc is also considered nature's anti biotic! These products work!

Several Doctors Visits But Their Treatments Do Not Work?
We hear this from about 85% of our customers. They have tried numerous prescription treatments, steroid cream remedies, specialty medical shampoos at super high active levels and the list goes on. Even if you have tried all of these. Please don't give up. Try us! We have a complete 90 day money back guarantee. Be willing to give us two weeks to see improvement. After all these products are designed to deep cleanse out years of build up that can be as hard as candy. You will start to notice huge improvement in just a few weeks and then amazing results over the next 30 days! Our goal is to get you symptom free!