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Our ZincPCA herbal body wash was developed to help those that struggle with various odors anywhere on the body. For many this can be traditional places such as under the arms, privates, feet and similar. While this is typical for many women, men, teens and even kids it can be worse for some people. This is typically due to an imbalance of bacteria on and inside follicle of the skin. In the genital area this can be combined with bumps and sometimes pimples. Read more about why this is not your typical body cleanser designed to after problem smelly areas. See how herbs and a zinc offshoot can make all the difference in the world for long term issues that many people suffer from. Guaranteed long term results - feet, body, arms, body hair and even beard and smelly hair.
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Body odor and smelly feet wash
Purifying Body Cleanser 8 oz
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