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I Got Rid of My Seborrheic Dermatitis Itching & Flaking Symptoms After 20 Years!

Seborrheic Dermatitis symptoms can be helped! But choosing the right treatment is important. I have tried them all until out of frustration I made my own! As a matter fact these very products were invented (formulated) for my scalp problems icluding itchy scalp, flaking, redness and scalp sores. Ever since I hit pubery and the oil glands started to flow I started having a problem with seborrhea also called Seborrheic Dermatitis. This problem is caused by a specific fungus feeding on the oil glands that are predominent on the scalp and in cracks and crevices such as the ears, beside the nose and especially in the eyebrows. The result is a crusty, flaky, itchy scalp. 

It is worse that dandruff, like a severe dandruff and much more persistent. The itching and flaking can get worse with either winter or summer but is all the time made worse by including refined sugars in the diet and of course stress, simply because stress releases sugar into the blood stream allowing these bacteria and yeast to multipy in numbers. Have a look at the products below and then finish reading my story below - if you are interested. These are the very products that I used!
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What Causes This Intense Itching and Flaking?

Understanding the cause is the key to fighting it back into a normal & healthy mode. Yes - everybody has yeast on the delicate skin on their head but when it becomes out of balance a perfect storm is created with very intense symptoms.

 #1 Problem is that most shampoos are ph'd to high as a low ph fights off bacteria and fungus. These same products do very little to deep cleanse the hair root where bacteria and fungus hide and multiply.

# 2 Problem anti biotics and high sugar diets allow for the proliferation of yeast in the body and on the scalp. These fungi and bacteria feed off your sebum that is produced inside of the follicle by the sebum gland. Find a product to slow down sebum production and your symptoms will subside like you wouldn't believe. 

#3 Problem is that when the defenses are low oportunistic bacteria moves into the hair folicle, and even to the bottom of the hair root where it is protected against most normal shampoos. These proliferate and cause secondary problems including open sores and very intense itching and flaking.

What I Found - Answers! What Treatments Work & Their Benefits?
 I found a magic combination of purifying ingredients, ph'd the correctly. After I found the combination it took a while to find the perfect mix of herbs and the magical ingredients zinc pca. This ingredient keeps the sebum from flowing too much from the sebum gland. This is key since the sebum or oil is the food for the fungus! I strongly suggest that you start with the kit that offers all three items to really jump start your scalp health. it iwll make a big difference.

The Result - Log Lasting Results By Creating A Healthy Scalp!
Literally after using the shampoo, conditioner and lotion for 10 days my entire breakout was visually gone! From time to time now I will have amild breakout but everytime the breakout and symptoms are eliminated within 24 hours with these products. If you suffer from extreme or mild dandruff, eczema on the head or psoriasis then I cannot stress how much these products will change your life!!! They did for me!