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Spray for Hands Face Essential oils
Zincplex 70% Alcohol Hand Spray and Surface 8 oz - AV
Our Price: $14.00

A Hand and Surface Spray With 70% Alcohol and Targeted Ingredients Proven To Be Cleanse and Protect:

Guaranteed To Ship Within 1-3 Days! Most Will Ship within 48 Hours.

A blend of 70 % alcohol, zinc pca and essential oils that are all either tested or over time been believed to be top essential oil and herbals.
  • Non Drying
  • Alcohol Percentage Perfect For Germs on Hands And Surfaces
  • Larger Bottle To Last Long Time
  • Get This Now Before America Opens Up and There Is A Rush Again

This product is a big breakthrough for Zincplex by adding Zinc pca which is tested and proven to be perfect for fighting foreign invaders and blending it with the top herbs and essential oil blend.

Zinc is an amazing ingredient - see here for anti viral info. It is one of the main ingredients in our new face and body spray. This spay can be used anywhere on the exterior body. When using on the face close eyes and mist. For hands simply mist in to hands and then rub on.

This spray can also be used on surfaces that you work at or visit, touch frequently through the day. Remember that most wipes out in the market are not targeted as viruses so make sure to give these a good spray.

70% Alcohol! Also includes Aloe to leave hands super soft.

A portion of the herbs included in our proprietary blend and are included in the spray are:
Wild Orange
Lemon Grass

See herbs and how they interact with viral activity (1)

Read here about a study of a blend of oleresins and essential oils worked to lower the viral RNA levels in the Novel Corona Virus. (2)
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Anti Viral Hand Wash and Spray
Zincplex Purifying Hand Body Wash 8 oz
List Price: $22.00
Our Price: $18.00
You save $4.00!

Carefully Chosen Ingredients For Today's Issues!
This amazing body wash can be used on the body or on the scalp. Read more about how it works to help end body complaints that include body odor, smell and general stink on the body.

Colds and Flu Are Virus Based?
This wash uses zinc pca in high, manufacturer suggested levels. Zinc is one of nature's best solutions to fight many of the germs out in the world today. As we see a rise in colds, flus and mega viruses like the Corona Virus. Washing your hands is one thing. Cleansing with Zinc pca and researched, targeted additional ingredients such as essential oils is what many are after.

These are selling fast so please order now. Contact us with any questions. We also highly recommend the spray for a hand mist and can also be sprayed onto anything while in public including your hands, hard surfaces, shopping carts, planes - it can be into the air.

Remember that most products on the market today are designed to go after bacteria. Today's main problems are viruses or viral based.

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There are many different hand sanitizers and sprays on the market designed to purify your hands and breathing. Most claim that they eliminate bacteria but bacteria does not cause the virus issues that are happening in the market including the flu. Zincplex spray was designed using essential oils and zinc pca that are both shown to have negative effects on very specific germs.

Is the Corona Virus caused by bacteria, fungus or virus?
The answer is that it is viral so make sure to research the ingredients used by ENS BIO in their hand spray and you will see why we used these to make a very good option for your hands and other surfaces that you might touch. It can also be misted in the air.