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For those that deal with eyebrow itching and flaking, redness and similar issues you know it can be tough to find a good remedy or solution. The eyebrows have the same sebum glands that the hair follicle on the head has. This means that bacteria, fungus (including the fungus that is known to cause dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis - which is basically a more severe form of dandruff).

So what can you do to get this under control. If you were like me you tried Head and Shoulders, T Gel and similar. But to be honest they gave sub par symptom control for me - still had the severe flaking, redness and sometimes I would even scratch so much they would bleed. It wasn't until I learned about Zinc PCA and a series of detoxifyig and cleansing herbs that were designed just for cleansing and purifying the hair follicles at a deep level.

This is what gave me long term results. Here are the products that came from that. For over 10 Years these are consistenly voted as the top solution for symptoms associated dandruff, flaking, itching, sores, bumps, acne, seborrhea dermatitis and much more. Try this today and change your life today!!!
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