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Itching Flaking Redness Oily On The Face Eyebrows Eyelids Ears Nose Cheek - Read Below

For those that deal with eyebrow itching and flaking, redness and similar issues you know it can be tough to find a good remedy or solution. The eyebrows have the same sebum glands that the hair follicle on the head has. This means that bacteria, fungus (including the fungus that is known to cause dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis - which is basically a more severe form of dandruff).

So what can you do to get this under control. If you were like me you tried Head and Shoulders, T Gel and similar. But to be honest they gave sub par symptom control for me - still had the severe flaking, redness and sometimes I would even scratch so much they would bleed. It wasn't until I learned about Zinc PCA and a series of detoxifying and cleansing herbs that were designed just for cleansing and purifying the hair follicles at a deep level.

What Works Best On Seborrheic Dermatitis Symptoms on The Face Including Eyebrows Ears Etc?

A long term solution involves helping to restore a healthy balance in the affected and surrounded areas of the skin, scalp, hair etc. Here are the products that we developed from years of suffering from the symptoms which can be excessive at times. Remember that For over 10 Years these are consistently voted as the top solution for symptoms associated dandruff, flaking, itching, sores, bumps, acne, seborrhea dermatitis and much more. Try this today and change your life today!!!

Deep Cleanse with Specific Herbs. Utilize all the benefits of Zinc pca to stop excess oil and sebum production that actually seem to feed the yeast and fungus. Regular cleansing is very important. Also remember that diets heavy in sugar and milk will have your outbreaks the worst by far. Stress can also cause problems but using the products shown on this page you can combat the symptoms caused by stress and more.

Important Note From The Zincplex Manufacturer:

A Note From The Owner: For years I had the really bad bumps, sores, red nose, cheeks, behind the ears, in the ear opening itching flaking and tenderness to name just a few of the symptoms. I tried it all. Then this combination of ingredients - much more natural based - that were shown to me. I used a shampoo and within 1 week my life had changed. But we didn't stop there. I worked with a trichologist and Dr to come up with the very best for women and men that suffered the same symptoms I did. We cannot call this a remedy or treatment but we strongly urge you to compare it to what you are using. If you are looking for a long term approach that gives visible results then definitely try these.

PS: One of the best products to get rid of hot spots symptoms which can be quite severe such as burning, rashes, redness, flaking on the scalp, face, ears, eyebrows, beard, nose and similar areas is the SCALP LOTION. This is designed to be a leave in so simply rub it into any area that is giving you are problem. Severe outbreaks eliminate the sugar and milk all together and use this kit of 3 products and the results will be exactly what you are looking for. We guarantee it!

Testimonials From Current Customers:
"These products have changed everything for me."
Mark Thomas - Georgia

"I am almost in tears. After 30 days there is no visible sign of the redness or flaking."
Emily Surcheros - New York

"I have seb derm problems since I was 14. I am now 35. Nothing and I mean nothing worked for longer term. What I learned from you guys on the blog post and then through the evidence convinced me to try it. I am so very thankful that I did. Other women are trying to decide what to wear while I was trying to get rid of the noticeable dandruff crap on my face and eyebrows and even under my eyelids and behind my ears. I has been a lifelong thing. Thanks and I hope others read this and try it."
Melissa Bailey - Florida
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Looking for remedies or treatments for common skin and scalp problems ENS Bio Zincplex Eyebrow Facial Flaking and Itching Lotion  2 oz
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There are a lot of people that suffer with seborrhea, oily skin, itching and even flakes that are on the face. They can be beside the nose, under the eyebrows, basically on the eyelids but it can also be in the eyebrows. If there is oily skin associated with this it is probably seborrheic dermatitis. (research link1).

When it comes to seborrhea research shows that the fungus malasezzia is the main cause. To help fight the symptoms it is important to get the skin clean and to use natural anti fungals such as zinc, thyme, sage and similar. These are known as cleansers. Research on Zinc shows that it is natural anti fungal but also natural anti bacterial agent to help with fungus based ski and scalp problems.

Our products contain the natural cleansers as well as zinc pca, thyme, burdock.

What Are Some Of The Best Things That You Can Do?
Use our skin and hair cleansing washes and shampoos often. Keeping the ski clean and excessive oil off and away is vital. We have also found that if you are having an outbreak or if you want to prevent outbreaks of itching and flaking then eliminating dairy and sugar from the diet helps tremendously. We believe that diets that have low sugar and low dairy help to starve the the malasezzia and other fungi that are the main cause of the symptoms.

We guarantee that you will see results with our products. They were designed by people that have the exact problems as listed above. Not only on the face but also on the scalp and behind the ears as well as the eyebrows and eyelids and even the side or corners of the mouth. Give these a try and you will be very glad that you did.