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How Healthy Is Your Hair - How Much Build Up, Hardened Sebum, DHT Build Up - The Hormone That Causes Hair Loss, Bacteria Growth or Fungus, Is it Receiving Good Nutrition?

All of these and more can be answered with a simple microscopic hair analysis test. We use a polarizing microscope to see around the hair follicle or root, the dermal papilla of the hair or the matrix cells. This tells us how much nutrition the hair is receiving based on a color profile that is explained.

And based on years of experience we can tell if stress is most likely involved. Stress whether it be long term or very specific incidents can be a major cause of hair loss. The matrix cells get almost frozen when hard stress hits. We see this in both men and women. Very specific vitamins do an amazing job of helping with this. But for most just understanding what is a likely culprit and how to address is a massive de-stresser.

This analysis works great for men and women! All Is Done Through The Mail. You simply send in a few hair samples based on our instructions and we do the rest. You will get back a report with our findings and our suggestions.
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Microscopic Hair Root Analysis
Microscopic Root Hair Analysis
Our Price: $89.00

How Healthy Is Your Hair? Performed Through The Mail
*Hottest Hair Product Out There Is The Microscopic Hair Analysis

A microscopic root hair analysis is the best way to see what is going on at the root of the hair. This is where build up, nutrition, fungus, bacteria and other things can be seen.

If you are wanting the healthiest hair possible see where your hair is.

  • For women and men years of heavy residue from shampoo products, hair gels, hair sprays and similar can cause problems.
  • Also heavy laden pollution and other dirt and grime with mix with scalp oils and fill in hair follicles causing build up.
  • Hormones Such as DHT show up Clear but as a liquid inside the Follicle. Build up DHT can cause pre mature hair loss in women and men.
  • Lack of Nutrition In the Follicle Shows Up as More Yellow Than Green. The Healthiest Hair that is receiving the proper nutrition show up as green.
For each of these there are things can be done to drastically improve what ever problem you might be facing.

Thinner Hair
Coarse or Dry
Overly Oily Scalp or Hair
Slow or Sluggish Growth
Premature Greying or Grey Hair
Thin or Frail that is easily Damaged
Hair Loss or Thinning in Both Women an Men.

A kit will be sent to you with a small plastic Bag. You will simply run your fingers through your hair - gently to remove a few hairs. These will easily come out by the root. Insert them into the bag and then put in our postage paid pre adressed envelope. Allow 3 - 7 days after receiving for us to send microscopic pictures and detailed results to help you to find and solve your problems.

***This Is Not A Hair Mineral Analysis. This is Microscopic Analysis
Over 22 Years Experience!

Normal Hair Root With Very Minor Build Up. Thin outline of Yellow Shows Good Structure. Green shows lively matrix cells for healthy reproduction and growth. Diameter shows that hormones have not thinned this hair at all.

Here you see a female hair that has heavy build up and some break down in nutrition. The bacteria and fungus can cause the nutrition breakdown and it can also cause itching, flaking and even bumps, acne, blisters and sores. Depending on how long this is left without addressing the problem then it become very disruptive including hair thinning as well.

It is also important to note that the way that the hair follicle works to help rid itself of this root problem is to emit sebum. This will often cause an oily scalp or similar. Many times it can excessively oily. However, if the sebum sits too long it become a sebum plug where it will close in the hair follicle. This can cause a variety of longer term problems.

This is a sebum scalp plug that you can see all over the right side of the hair about where it goes up and out of the hair follicle. This customer had itching, dandruff type problems including flaking. However, they also scalp bumps - tiny and sometimes bigger bumps all over the scalp.

Order your analysis today to see where you are. This is analysis is a must have for:
Caucasian, Asian, African American, Latino and just about every nationality and female or male.

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