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Instrumental in forging minerals and herbs for hair care and skin care for long term results and solutions.

For Over 15 Years ENS Bio has been changing and leading the way with herbal and zinc based hair care products. ENS products were founded by Dr Greenberg that was a trichologist and helped to established herbs and very specific, healthy oils in hair care and skin care products.

Dr Greenberg was one of the 1st to add Zinc pca to skin care and hair care to help those that were having oily skin and scalp issues as well as other problems such as adult scalp acne, teen hair and scalp pimples, seborrheic dermatitis, sores and scabbing. Dr Greenberg developed one of the 1st herbal shampoos that was made to help with the symptoms of smelly scalp syndrome as well as seborrhea in the hair, behind the ears and also on the face. Dr Greenberg's microscopic hair root and papilla research paved the way to find the effectiveness of products. using the microscope he was able to determine if sebum plug cleansers and deep herb astringents were working to get rid of build up on the hair root itself. This was what led to the Zinc PCA products that you are seeing today.

For almost 5 years Dr Greenberg would do hair analysis of clients after they were treated with thyme, sage, ivy and zincidone combination. you can read the testing on zincidone here. Anjinmoto corporation did a lot of testing in zinc with the pca salt added which can all be found online as well.