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Scalp Odor or Smelly Hair Syndrome?

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What Causes Scalp Odor and Even Foul Smells?

This problem can be in the follicle, behind the ears or even int he ears and sometimes in the beard and even eyebrows - but what causes it? In every hair follicle and on the scalp's skin there is a balance of bacteria and fungus. When the imbalance occurs you get an abundance of different fungi and bacteria. This is referred to as smelly scalp syndrome. Correcting the scalp's delicate ph balance and using what we think is the best deep follicle cleaner and scalp clarifying shampoo on the market is what typically works. We also have the scalp lotion if you feel that your issues is more advanced.

Scalp Detox is necessary for many reasons including a buildup of products including gels and sticky hair sprays that pull dirt and grit into the hair follicle. Hardened sebum referred to as plugs can keep oxygen and cleansers for reaching inside the follicle to the root. This becomes a breeding ground. The products that you see here were developed around 4 main ingredients that were designed to detox, purify and restore ph balance. Remember that the ph balance is the skin's 1st defense. Keeping a strong lipid barrier is vital. My shampoo's simply break down the lipid barriers.

  • Dirty Hair Root From A Female With A Tender Scalp That Would Also Sometimes Itch Or Breakout. See Hair Root Below After 1 Month of Zincplex Shampoo and Conditioner

  • Now Symptom Free Of Itching, Flaking, Tenderness, Bumps and more. Regluar Maintenance Kept Problems Away for Over 4 Years.
This happens as the hair care products like shampoo that they use contains very strong chemicals which harm the scalp by regular use. With the use of detergent designed shampoos your scalp is literally scrubbed of natural skin barriers.

When your scalp is removed of the natural oil it also becomes more susceptible to more scalp infections, as the oil helps in combating other infections also.


One of other reasons of tender scalp is the growth of bacteria deep in the scalp. When you use harsh shampoos which are typically available in the stores and hair salon hair, you end up aggravating the problem rather than controlling it as it increase the ph level of the scalp. You can get back to the normal ph level and fight the problems by using shampoo which is mild and has been specially designed to keep your hair and scalp healthy and clean.

What Customers Are Saying About Are Top Rated Hair Products For Smelly Scalp and Hair Odor?

"My head had this sour smell, the stink was pretty bad and I wasn't sure what was causing it. I mean it had a cheese odor that almost made me want to vomit. I really still don't know what caused it except it made my head itch sometimes and i swear to you my ears or behind them smelled really bad also. But the good news I used the kit like you said of the Zinc products and the smell went away. I did notice it right away but after about 3 times is when things seemed really good again. I still use it time to time. I'm probably just paranoid but it my head itches or if I think I smelly anything I go right back to. It feels really healthy and the shampoo makes my hair feel thick also. Maybe that's just in my head. lol" Jason C