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Spider Vs Varicose Veins
The Leg Mask for Varicose Veins
Spider Veins and Varicose Veins: Are They just the Same?

Approximately 60 percent among the American men and women are affected by vein disorder. This vein disorder can be classified into two—the varicose veins and the spider veins. However, there is an existing misconception between the two. Varicose veins are somehow not alike to the spider veins. These two have their own characteristics although both are abnormality on the skin. If you are suffering from this vein disorder, you need to know the exact difference between these two. This way, you are sure to apply the proper medication.

Both the varicose veins and spider veins are identified as veins enlargement. But as what was mentioned, there are existing differences between the two. You can note that the varicose veins are swollen veins that are raised over the skin surface. They appear to be blue or dark purple in color and look like stuffed or twisted cords. They are usually seen behind the calves and sometimes the inside part of the legs, somewhere from the groin down to the ankle. When a woman is pregnant, varicose veins may develop around the anus or around the vagina. This condition is termed as hemorrhoids.

Meanwhile, spider veins appear to be smaller in size compared to the varicose veins. The obvious things you may note are their colors. Spider veins actually appear in either blue or red in color. Compared to varicose veins, these are closer to the skin’s surface. The spider veins, as the name implies, look like a spider web. These may also appear like a branch of the tree because of its little jagged lines. You may see them both on the face and the legs. And these are capable in covering a very small or big space of the skin.