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Scalp Psoriasis Home Remedies

Having scalp psoriasis can be down right miserable for most people but here are a few home remedies that you can do that will help with scalp psoriasis. First of ph balance your body and make sure that your scalp is more acid based. When your body is in a state of acidosis.
What Inflames Scalp Psoriasis:
High Sugar Foods
Highly Acidic Body
Highly Alkaline Scalp
Food Allergies Stress
Not Washing Hair
Washing Hair With Harsh Shampoos
Drying Hair with High Heat
The wrong ph that is found in 99% of shampoos
What Helps Scalp Psoriasis:
Zinc PCA in a shampoo or conditioner or lotion
Thyme in shampoo Sage in shampoo
Fenugreek in shampoo Body chelator to remove heavy metals from the body Scalp chelator to remove heavy metals from the scalp
Washing hair thoroughly everyday
Getting the scalp to a proper ph (most shampoos make the scalp to alkaline and this prevents the scalp from fighting off the yeast and microscopic bugs that cause high levels of toxins in the scalp.
We have formulated a shampoo that uses the above mentioned herbs and zinc pca as well as a chelator to remove the scalp toxins and scalp heavy metals to allow the skin to heal itself. We suggest using the shampoo and conditioner as well as the lotion for tough problems. For maintenance just use the shampoo and possibly conditioner